Authentic Craftmanship

We are not a factory that mass-produces identical motorcycles. We conceive, we design and we make. We are craftsmen.

BAAK attributes its success to the 22 passionate men and women who make up our noble team. They are mechanics, saddler, metal shaper, designer, logistic specialist and much more…

We work with noble materials such as leather, aluminium, stainless steel, and we apply traditional techniques and know-how to shape these materials and give birth to unique creations.

BAAK-specific know-how

Leather work

Over the years, we’ve sourced the best leather and developed a bespoke tanning process with a mix of organic and chrome tanning agent letting the leather parts we produce get a unique patina over the years. We focus on creating the best saddlebags, seat, straps, fork gaiters and much more so your bike stands out from the mass.

We do not provide luxury leather pieces, meanwhile the efforts of our leather department lets us offer the best saddlebags, seats, straps, fork gaiters to make your bike stand out from the mass.

Metal work

Our obsession for aesthetic balance leads us to focus on the assembly quality, a meticulous process in using traditional metal-work techniques combined with the latest technologic manufacturing tools.

Design Studio

Located in France, our creative staff is beside you during the whole the process carefully listening and understanding your desires and then giving life to the machine that exactly suits your needs.


We consider our paint specialists both master craftsmen and true artists. We can carry out highly complex work that demands painstaking attention to details and simpler yet classy projects.

Nurturing the next generation of craftsmen

We don’t only honor the past in our motorcycle designs. We also incorporate this approach into the very framework of our business.

We form mentor-apprentice relationships between new and experienced craftsmen.

Ideas, visions and creativity evolve through the sharing of knowledge, ensuring that BAAK’s style will always be on the cutting edge.

Welcome to BAAK

By Remi REGUIN, founder.

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