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BAAK was born in 2012 in Lyon, France. 
BAAK’s founder, Rémi Reguin, is a self-made man who started customizing motorcycles in his grandma’s garage in 2008. His appeal for the aesthetic of classic motorcycles lead him to quit his job as an optician to start a new chapter in his life as a bike builder. It was finally time for his work and passion to become one.
He found his life balance. And so BAAK was born !
Today, BAAK staff calls both Lyon and Los Angeles home. Both cities provide infinite source of inspiration and creative energy through their landscape, the people and their overall differences.
Behind each BAAK build hides hundreds of hours of sketches in the design studio, 3D printing prototyping, high-end material selection, handcrafting, road tests… All this with a simple idea in mind: creating motorcycles we’re all fully excited about.
There are two ways of being part of BAAK experience, by investing in an original model built by our team, or by getting your hands dirty and using our parts to redesign your own machine.

You are someone at work.
You are someone at home.
Feel free to express your other self on a BAAK bike.
BAAK gives you access to another level…

 Your third life. 

Welcome to BAAK

By Remi REGUIN, founder.

Authentic Craftmanship

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Our Work Methodology

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