Focus on tires with Heidenau

On a motorcycle, tires are your only contact with the ground. Discover how we chose the tyres of a machine of the upmost importance for BAAK.

Since 2012, our team was able to test a large range of tires for the motorcycles we customize at the workshop. It’s obvious that choosing tires is among the first topics discussed during a custom project process, and it’s too often neglected. This focus is centered on Heidenau creations, a brand we’ve worked with for the first time in 2014, and we kept using since then.

On a motorcycle, your tires are the only contact you have with the ground ! So it’s really significant regarding the experience you will live while riding. The technical and aesthetic features must be considered as, even if manufacturer’s research and development departments made that we no longer can find “bad” tires on the market, all of them are not similar once the first gear is engaged.

By preparing BAAK Aventures road trips routes, we were looking for tires to be fitted on our Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Scrambler. Three spotting session in France, Italy and Corsica provided the perfect method to compare several tires and elect THE ONES that would find their place on our fleet. The features we focus on are: flexibility, security, longevity, off-road abilities, look.

Among the Heidenau range, we chose the K60 and K60 Scout models, tires well-known by our craftsmen as we’ve been using it on our Scrambler and Tracker models based on TriumphMoto Guzzi and Royal Enfield for years.

During these trips, Rémi, Stéphane and Romain, your expedition chiefs, have paced up and down many terrains types: wide rocky trails in Provence, high-mountain paths in the Alpilles, sandy tracks in Corsica and Alpine roads full of hairpin turns through Italian Alps… After miles and miles riding, the report is edifying: The Heidenau K60 tires complete all our criteria.

It let us get out of tricky situations, it lasted longer than expected (especially with heavy loads attached on our motorcycles). It’s directly reassuring, which was one of our top request for tires, as riders of all levels will attend BAAK Aventures road trips. To perfect the whole picture, these tyres really match the spirit we intended to develop on this Interceptor Scrambler!

That’s a wrap, Heidenau tires will be mounted on BAAK Aventures motorcycles. You wish to be part of our first roads trips? Get onboard and book now!

Founded in 1946, Heidenau brand hires more that 200 people nowadays, and still manufactures his entire production in Dresden, Germany. They offer more than 500 tires design, the equipp your go karts, moppeds, cars, and of course your motorccyles. The Heidenau K60 tires mounted on our Royal Enfield Scrambler are the following size: FRONT 110/80-19 M/C and REAR 140/80-17 M/C.

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